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    • The classical Chinese explanation is that channels of energy run in regular patterns through the body and over its surface

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    • The conditions which doctors of chiropractic address are as varied and as vast as the nervous system itself. All  chiropractors use a standard procedure of examination to diagnose a patient’s condition and arrive at a course of treatment

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    • Interventional pain management is a subspecialty of the medical specialty, pain managment, devoted to the use of invasive techniques such as facet joint injections, nerve block

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    • What is different about MSR massages as oppose to massages one typically receives at a spa is that we focus on the condition and area that is the source of pain and not waste any time in the area massage is not needed

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      Our sports physiotherapist has extensive knowledge and training in anatomy, physiology, and the biomechanics of the body.

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    • (You may be sitting on a ticking time bomb)

      Ergonomics is the applied science of improving the match between people and work space.
      What it means is sitting with neutral postures, adjusting and locating computer, phone, keyboard and etc. 

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    • Our friendly staff will handle all of your insurance needs starting from verification of your insurance (prior to your arrival in the office) to determining the exact limits of coverage 

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    • We have many satisfied customers...  Read a few of our testimonials they have sent into our office.  We pride ourselves on great customer service!


    • Welcome to Our Manhattan Spine Rehab

      Manhattan Spine Rehabilitation (MSR) is a multidisciplinary Complementary Integrative Medicine facility that place emphasis on nutritional, exercise and fitness programs, and lifestyle modifications for promoting physical and mental health. Our team consists of a board certified pain management M.D., chiropractor, physical therapist, acupuncturist, and massage therapists.

    • Why Choose Us?

      At Manhattan Spine Rehabilitation we created a "one stop" shop where there is usually no need for an outside referral for testing. We have a team of medical specialist and a state of the art high tech digital X-Ray system and neuro-diagnostic testing that will allow our team doctors to have the test results immediately. To make things even more convenient and 'painless’ for you, we are open 6 days a week with TWO locations ONE block from major transit hub. Our office has extended our hours in order to take late appointments on weekdays and open on Saturdays because we understand the demand and long hours of your job in this city


    • Our Approach

      At MSR our board-certified doctors work as a team to ensure we treat the condition from a conservative approach first and if needed have more invasive methods available within our premises or through our wide network of specialist for referrals. Our goal is to provide one on one individualized treatment plans for each patient based on an assessment of occupation, lifestyle and activities of daily living.